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Microarray Analysis --
Other platforms

As other microarray application companies have not release their microarray annotation files yet, GOEAST analysis directly using probe IDs can not be achieved.
Alternatively, you can use the following approaches:

Use Gene Names Directly

You can map you probes to gene sequences, and use our Batch-Genes tool.
Note: Since GOEAST uses GO distribution of whole genome as background, for non-genome wide designed microarrays, the results might be biased.

Customized Microarray Analysis Approach

If you have Gene Ontology Terms of probes on your microarray, you can use the Customized Microarray Platform tool.
Note: You have to prepare the Gene Ontology annotation file of you microarray platform in required format.

Require Technical Support

If you know where we can find and download the annotation files of your commercial microarray platform, welcome to let us know. We will reply you soon.

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