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Microarray result analysis --
Agilent® platform

The following steps will guide you through the analysis of Agilent® microarray results.
You have to supply your gene list in Agilent probe ID format. Other geneID format will be ignored. Up to 20000 probe set IDs are allowed in a single analysis.

Step one: Choose the microarray platform ID
Step two: Upload your probe ID list

Cut and paste your probe ID list below.

Or alternatively, upload a file containing your probe IDs.

Text file is required. Each line should have only one probe ID.
Step Optional: Advanced Parameter Settings Use default Let me choose
Step three: Start analysis Enter your email address below for sending you the finishing page (required):
Name your job below (optional):

This would take you up to 30 min!
(Note: Up to 15 min extra time is needed if using Adrian Alexa's improved score. See "Advanced Parameter Settings" above for details.)
Your result will be kept for 7 days since your last visit!

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