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Commercial Microarray Platforms

Affymetrix GeneChip® platform

Affymetrix® provides Gene Chips for various species. GOEAST requires probe-set IDs for datasets from Affymetrix microarrays. Click here to start analysis.

Illumina BeadChip® platform

Illumina® provides microarray for several mammals.GOEAST requires target, probeID or search_key for datasets from illumina beadchips. Click here to start analysis.

Agilent® DNA microarray platform

Agilent® provides microarray for many model species. GOEAST requires probeIDs for datasets from Agilent microarrays. Click here to start analysis.

Other microarray platform

If you used other commercial microarray platform, click here.

Customized Microarray Platforms

Despite the intensive use of commercial microarray platforms, customized microarray platforms are still irreplaceable nowadays. GOEAST also support any customized microarray platforms. Click here to start analysis.

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