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GOEAST Advance Tools

GOEAST also provides some advanced tools for non-microarray based high-throughput experimental results and cross comparision analysis of multiple experimental results.


Besides microarray experiment, there are many other high-throughput technologies that generate genome-scale data, such as deep sequencing, SAGE, MPSS, mass spectrometry, protein array, etc.
Given a set of genes, Batch-Genes can find statistically significantly enriched GO terms among them by using a species-specific random background. Tell me more about how Batch-Genes works!
Click here to use Batch-Genes.


Multi-GOEAST provides cross comparison of results from multiple experiments using individual GOEAST result. Before using Multi-GOEAST, GOEAST of each experimental result must be obtained. Start Multi-GOEAST.


Customized-GOEAST provides customized GO enrichement analysis using any given background vs your input gene list. Simply go to Customized Microarray Analysis tool page and you can use it for not only customized microarrays but any customized analysis.

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