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Multi-GOEAST tool allows users to compare GO enrichment status of different experimental results, therefore will help to identify hidden correlations among them.


To use Multi-GOEAST, you only have to supply several GOEAST results in plain-text format, which could be downloaded at the GOEAST analysis result page.
Note: The currently version of Multi-GOEAST only support cross comparison of at most 3 GOEAST results.

Using Multi-GOEAST

The following steps will guide you through Multi-GOEAST analysis.

Step one: Upload your GOEAST results in text files
Upload your first file: (required)
Upload your second file: (required)
Upload your third file: (optional)
Note: Input files must be prepared in this format.
Step two: Choose GO Categories
Which GO category(ies) do you want to compare?
Biological Process
Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Advanced Parameter Settings Use default Let me choose

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