PsRobot is designed to analyze batch of plant small RNA data.

The online version of psRobot has two modules:

The stem-loop small RNA prediction (try it out) module can identify stem-loop shaped smRNAs, including their expression in major plant smRNA biogenesis gene mutants and smRNA associated protein complexes to give clues to the smRNA generation and functional processes, their genome locations and precursor sequences.

The second module, small RNA target prediction (try it out) module, can return target prediction results of smRNAs, including smRNA target list, target multiplicity, target site conservation and biological data support, such as degradome data and target expression data in small RNA biogenesis mutants.

PsRobot also features a local version. The local programs offers a larger capacity for input data size and has the function to incorporate user-uploaded degradome data. Please go to the Software section for details.

For more detailed information and user guide, please check our manual page. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


To reference psRobot, please cite:

Wu HJ, Ma YK, Chen T, Wang M, Wang XJ. (2012) PsRobot: a web-based plant small RNA meta-analysis toolbox. Nucleic Acids Res. DOI:10.1093/nar/gks554. Full Text