VersionTarballManualRelease notesRelease date
psRobot v1.2Release notes for psRobot v1.22012-06-20
psRobot v1.1The first release.2012-05-01
mfold.tar.gz Mfold 3.5 source code modified to conform to the latest Fortran and GCC compilers


The local version of psRobot is a smRNA analysis software package, which contains 4 functions:

  1. psRobot_map is designed to find all perfect matching locations of short sequences (less than 40bp) in longer reference sequences;
  2. psRobot_mir is designed to find small RNAs with stem-loop precursors (e.g. miRNAs or shRNAs) for a batch of input sequences from high throughput sequencing data;
  3. psRobot_tar is designed to find potential small RNA targets;
  4. psRobot_deg is designed to identify which small RNA targets are supported by user specified degradome data.


psRobot_mir requires "nafold" command in Mfold-3.5 software to predict the folding structures of precursor RNAs.


The simplest way to install this package is:

make install

Install psRobot in an alternative path:
./configure -p <your installation path> -l <your perl lib path>
make install

Configuration options:

-h display this help and exit
-p PREFIX install architecture-independent files in PREFIX
[complete path needed, default is "/usr/bin"]
-l LIBS install perl libs in LIBS
[complete path needed, default is the standard perl lib, the path next to last in your @INC]


To reference psRobot, please cite:
Wu HJ, Ma YK, Chen T, Wang M, Wang XJ. (2012) PsRobot: a web-based plant small RNA meta-analysis toolbox. Nucleic Acids Res. DOI:10.1093/nar/gks554. Full Text